Howdy and welcome to my first blog: Modest Clothing for Women. Here you'll find various styles and eras of modest dresses, skirts, outfits, etc. As you can see, this blog is very visually based, without much emphases on the "textual"... We'll see how things goes and what's in store for the future.

Feel free to interact, ask me questions or...I challenge you to teach me something new! :). I'm really just getting my fingers wet with this blogging stuff, but I learn fast, at least I'd like to think =)

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  1. Hi _____! I wish I knew your name this is kind of weird. Anyway my name is Kaylee Ann and I'm a firm believer in dressing modestly. I think we look a lot prettier when we do and it pleases the Lord! You have a lot of pretty dresses here and I have to come back tomorrow.